Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Hazard Recognition

Safety meetings related to safety hazard evaluation and recognition

Shop Hazards

An “incident” is defined as “any observable human activity sufficiently complete in itself to permit references and predictions to be made about the persons performing the act.” (Whew—that’s a mouthful!) Therefore, it is safe to say that incidents or accidents usually do not just happen, they happen for a reason and are commonly due to unsafe acts or conditions.

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The Value of Near-Miss Reporting

Have you ever said that was close!, or I could have been hurt. If the answer is yes, you probably were involved in a near-miss incident. Sometimes these incidents also are called near-hits or close calls, but these seemingly lucky breaks, with no injuries or property damage, often go unreported and soon are forgotten.

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Preventing Cuts and Lacerations

Each year, millions of workers suffer workplace injuries that could have been prevented. Some of the most common and preventable injuries are cuts and lacerations. Although statistical data differs from study to study, cuts and lacerations often rank as the second or third most frequent workplace injury.

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