Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Safety meetings related to operating and working around motorized vehicles

Cold Weather Driving

Living and working in snow belt states means having to drive in cold weather. The weather can change very quickly. Many accidents could be avoided if you take time to learn and practice these tips for driving safely during snowy and icy conditions.

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Traveling With Loads Safety

When traveling with loads, part of the pre-trip vehicle inspection process should include a thorough check to determine whether your load is adequately secured. An unsecured load may shift during your trip and could cause or contribute to an accident.

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Time To Chock and Block Those Tires

"I am only going to leave the truck for a minute – it won't go anywhere." This is what we hear all the time, but every year, workers are severely or fatally injured because the wheels of a truck or trailer were not chocked. Vehicle drivers are also injured when trailers overturn because unblocked freight shifted during travel.

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