Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Emergency Response

Safety meetings related to emergency actions plans and response

Reporting and Investigating An Accident

The first thing to do when an accident happens is make sure the worker’s injuries are treated. The next step is to carefully investigate the events surrounding the accident. The reason for investigations is not to place blame on anyone, but to learn what happened--so similar incidents can be prevented in the future. Every involved employee plays an important role in the investigation process.

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Why Report All Accidents and Incidents?

The most important reason that we ask you to report all injuries is to allow us to arrange for prompt medical treatment - not to blame someone for causing an accident. Proper medical care is important to reduce the possibility of a minor injury becoming worse. Most of you probably know someone who developed a serious infection from a minor wound or cut that was ignored until it became swollen, red and painful.

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Burn Awareness Week

The first full week of each February is Burn Awareness Week. This is a week designated to learn about the prevention and treatment of various burns including thermal, chemical and electrical.

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