Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Slips, Trips and Falls

Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls

Did you know that slips, trips, and falls are second only to automobile accidents in causing personal injury? On stairways alone, falls result in almost two million disabling injuries yearly. There are thousands more minor injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls each year. Most alarming of all is the fact that industrial falls cause over 1,000 deaths each year.

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Construction Safety - Floor Openings

Unprotected holes in the floor, deck, or roof have been responsible for a number of very serious injuries. Yet, through planning and personal attention, falls through openings under foot are very easy to prevent.

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Walking and Work Surface Safety

Falls represent the number one preventable cause of injury and death in the workplace. More than a million people suffer injuries and more than 16,000 people die as a result of falls in any given year.

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