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Tailgate or Toolbox safety meetings are 10-15 minute on-the job meetings held to keep employees alert to work-related accidents and illnesses. Tailgate or toolbox safety meetings have proved their worth by alerting employees to workplace hazards, and by preventing accidents, illnesses and on-the-job injuries.

Why Have Them?
Tailgate Safety Meetings are a good way to start the day to ensure everyone involved in the operation has their mind on safety first thing at the beginning of the shift. It is a great time to review procedures, hazards, rules, near misses and the like. It brings safety to the forefront of the mind of every employee at the start of the day.

In some states such as California, tailgate safety meetings are required by Title 8, Sections 8406 and 1509 of the California Code of Regulations for tunneling and construction operations. While California tunneling and construction are the only industries that specifically require tailgate safety meetings, all employers must have a safety program that includes employee training in safe work practices. Tailgate/toolbox safety meetings can be used to address actual problems on the job or in the shop. The supervisor leading the meeting can draw on the experience of workers, and use that experience to remind all employees, especially newer ones, of the dangers of working with particular kinds of machinery, tools, equipment and materials.

How to Hold a Tailgate Meeting

  • Hold the meeting at the beginning of the shift prior to getting started for the day.
  • Ensure everyone is paying attention and focused.
  • Meet in small groups if necessary.
  • Have everyone stand to keep focus and keep the meeting short (Circling around the present is a good approach).
  • Hold the meeting on-time each and everyday. Ensure it is part of the routine.
  • Choose a topic that is applicable to those working. Current issues work well.
  • Encourage employee participation. Don't just talk . . . ask.
  • Keep it short, direct and personal.

Tailgate Meeting Topics
Within this site you will find a variety of topics. We are adding them all the time so check back often. If you have a topic or a tailgate talk that you find is effective, then please share with the rest of us. We'd be happy to include it in the site so others can learn. Just email us.